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Benefits of hiring a Professional Interior Designer & Decorator - Sydney

Designing a home is a very personal venture. Inspiration is available everywhere, magazines, websites, showrooms, furniture stores, however creating a cohesive, beautiful and functional design can be a daunting and time-consuming task for the average homeowner. Very few people understand how designers work, believe it is a costly exercise and are not aware of the many advantages unless they've previously hired an interior designer.


Beautiful interiors don’t have to cost the earth. An Interior designer can work within a reasonable specified budget and save you money along the way by providing quality items that will last, using specific fabrics and, materials to suit your tasks, family and lifestyle. It takes skills and a trained eye to know where to spend generously and where to save big to create a space that looks tailored and complete. Some designers share part of the trade discounts with their clients which would help underwrite the design fees saving you money across the board.

Maybe you have a good idea of what you like and all you need is help in making some decisions. If you don’t have the budget to re-decorate the entire house, a designer can still work with you, spacing the project in different stages.


Designers constantly work with a skilled team of artisans and trades they trust. Their reputation highly depends on the workmanship of the trades they use; therefore you are most likely to end up with superior quality products.

Timber dining table with green velvet chairs and black and white art on wall in room


Designers are knowledgeable on products and where to source them, they have a vast database of suppliers to source unique materials, furniture and furnishings exclusively available to the trade that you may have never heard of or seen. No need to spend all your weekends in furniture centres looking for that elusive perfect piece!


A well designed and decorated home can make a huge difference come to sale day. A beautiful decorated and presented property will appeal to more buyers which in turn can speed up the sale of the property making it stand out from competition and increase the price due to higher demand.


A home provides a canvas in which the designer can illustrate who the owners are, making sure the client achieves the look they want reflecting their lifestyle, stories and their travels as well as making sure it functions beautifully. Hiring an interior designer/decorator guarantees a beautifully executed project, perfectly scaled furniture, a seamless flow of colour, and effective use of pattern and accessories arranged in the most appealing of ways. Since every space is different, many factors are taken in consideration when designing a space.

entertainment unit and floating shelves styled with vases, plants and ornaments

Two or three hours with a professional can get you right on track, assist you with colour choices, solve many of your problems immediately and ensure you are not making costly mistakes.

For expert advice on enhancing your Sydney home's beauty, book a consultation with Silvia, a professional Interior Designer and Decorator. Silvia can help you achieve your desired look, blending lifestyle, stories, and travels for both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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