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Interior design and decoration service | Sydney Interior stylist | Sydney Interior decorator

With years of experience based in the Sydney Eastern suburbs, Silvia has honed her skills as an interior designer, decorator and colour consultant, specialising in transforming spaces.


Her journey in design began with a desire to beautify her surroundings, blossoming into a career dedicated to reimagining living spaces for improved quality of life.


Silvia's holistic approach considers every aspect of room's potential, leading her to work with a diverse clientele across Sydney.

Professionalism and a down-to-earth attitude define Silvia's practice. She listens intently to her clients, integrating their personal style and budget into her designs.


Each project, whether a single room or an entire home, reflects her expertise and commitment to client satisfaction.

Silvia's love for timeless style is evident in her creations, yet she embraces versatility, catering to diverse tastes and visions. From furnishings to space planning, her services are comprehensive, aimed at creating spaces that feel like home while looking spectacular.


Her collaborations with skilled local professionals ensure meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality outcomes.

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