A beautiful newly built home was decorated and brought to life with new furniture, colour and layers of textures.

Our clients engaged us to furnish, decorate, style and inject personality and function to their newly built four-bedroom residence.  

The only trace left of its predecessor, a Federation cottage, was the façade and some faint characteristics in the front rooms of the residence which directed the style of the furniture and furnishings of the entry hallway and the adjacent formal living room.

The brief was to create a luxurious cohesive interior to suit the family lifestyle and architecture of the home, and to incorporate existing pieces that the client already owned,  such as the black modular sofa in the family room and the golden leaf art in the dining area.

A lush colour palette of green, blue, red and touches of gold was applied throughout the home complementing the timber joinery and connecting the different spaces evoking a different feel in each area.

The joinery in the entry hall and downstairs in the playroom was designed and custom-built for entertainment purposes, keeping in mind aesthetics, functionality and comfort. The large bench seat that envelopes the walls of the swimming pool, provides ample hidden storage and a place for guests to linger.

Photography by Amanda Prior

"Silvia created a formal room that's a place of peace and relaxation, a beautiful refuge away from the bussyness of the rest of the household."


"The decorations and furnishings in the play room are modern and playful, equally inviting to the whole family."


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