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A kitchen renovation, freshly painted walls and new interior decoration modernised this Matraville townhouse

This Matraville townhouse underwent a transformative renovation that included a kitchen overhaul, a fresh coat of paint, and new interior decorations that brought a modern flair to the space. The homeowners had recently invested in upgrading their timber flooring and sought our expertise to extend this modernisation to the kitchen and other interior areas.

To harmonize with the new flooring, we curated a palette of paint colours that added warmth and depth to the rooms. Additionally, we replaced the outdated kitchen stone with a superior engineered variant, elevating the kitchen's aesthetic.

Kitchen renovation with elegant stone
Kitchen renovation Matraville

In the dining space, we infused personality and whimsy by styling the credenza, adding original art on the bare wall and reupholstering the dining chairs in a playful fabric, thus honouring the client's appreciation for colour and vibrancy. Each choice was meticulously made to ensure a cohesive and inviting atmosphere throughout the home, reflecting the client's vision.

Dining room styling in blues and white
Coffee table styled with decorative ornaments
coffee table styling_edited
Styling services Sydney Eastern suburbs
Styling services Maroubra
Oval coffee table styling
Living room  styled with grey leather sofa and colourful cushions

 The living room was revitalised with an array of vibrant, custom-made cushions, complemented by a carefully selected rug, contemporary lamps, and distinctive accessories that reflect the homeowner's unique style.

colourful living room with blue and mult
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