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Blue and pink bedroom with abstract art.


The original bedroom in this beautiful home lacked style and colour, prompting a transformation in bedroom styling.

We strategically relocated the original artwork from behind the bed to the opposite wall, showcasing two captivating paintings from a talented artist as the focal point upon entering the room, creating a wow factor.

Alongside this rearrangement, vibrant and stylish elements were introduced through new colourful bedding and custom-made patterned cushions. These design choices harmoniously echo the hues of the highlighted paintings, tying together the overall colour scheme and enhancing the bedroom styling.

The client's cherished original artwork now enjoys renewed prominence on the opposite wall, accompanied by the addition of a cozy reading chair for relaxation. The revamped bedroom styling breathes new life into the space, creating a harmonious and visually appealing design without compromising on quality.

Bedroom styled with blue quilt cover and pink cushions
cushions in pink and blue velvet
Bedroom styled with blue cover and pink cushions
bed decorated with patterned velvet cushions and throw
 occasional grey chair in bedroom
Velvet pink cushions with piping
Pink and grey cushions
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