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The styling at this Botany apartment has made a huge impact by making the spaces feel cohesive and homely.

The once plain and unadorned walls now tell a story of elegance and charm, thanks to the addition of curated art pieces that are both affordable and aesthetically pleasing. These carefully selected artworks not only fill the space but also create a visual dialogue within it, enhancing its cohesion and inviting atmosphere.

In the living room, the introduction of a stunning rug, featuring serene blue and golden hues, lays the foundation for a stylish and comfortable space. This rug not only decorates the floor but also harmonises with the room's colour scheme, creating unity and warmth. The addition of plush velvet cushions, thoughtfully chosen to match the rug, enhances the existing décor, subtly reflecting the client's personal style while elevating the overall ambiance.

Interior design Botany apartment
Coffee table styling at Botany apartment
Botany living room styling
Botany apartment dining and living room makeover
Botany apartment dining room styling
Interior styling Botany apartment
Living room makeover with blue and gold accents in Sydney Eastern suburbs
Bedroom styling Botany apartment
Bedroom design coastal theme Botany
Botany apartment bedroom styling

The bedrooms underwent a significant transformation, with new art prints adding colour and character to the spaces. These prints were carefully selected to complement the new bedding and create a cohesive look. The fresh and contemporary design of the bedding harmonises with the art, enhancing the overall texture and sophistication. Additionally, the inclusion of textured accessories elevates the bedrooms, transforming them into cosy and stylish retreats.

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