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Chic Modern Farmhouse: A Stunning Coastal Retreat in Bingie.

Nestled within breathtaking landscapes and pristine coastal vistas, Somnium House emerges as an architectural masterpiece, seamlessly blending modern farmhouse aesthetics as per our client's vision.


The transformative touch of Silvia Rajek Interiors has elevated this home into a luxurious retreat, designed to evoke a sense of calm and relaxation, perfectly poised to host a multitude of guests. 

While our client had already selected key pieces such as the dining table, chairs, and sofas, our role was to complement these choices with the final touches that would unify the decor and cultivate a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

Photography by Etchd Photography

living room design with black leather lounges
living room with black leather sofa

In the main living area, we breathed life and colour into the space through the introduction of art, cushions, plants, a rug, and an array of decorative accessories.

The rug plays a pivotal role, introducing a layer of lightness that beautifully contrasts with the darker hues of the floor and wall cladding, effectively elevating the room's ambiance.

Earthy cushions on black leather sofa
Farmhouse style dining room

For the dining area, we selected a chic display and storage cabinet that not only complements the existing furniture but also enhances functionality.

Large planters introducing tall, lush greenery blur the lines between indoors and out, creating a seamless integration with nature.

Vibrant prints add a burst of energy to the room, while a delicately designed pendant light hangs above the dining table, offering illumination without compromising the breathtaking ocean vistas that lie beyond the windows.

timber dining table with tan leather chairs
Black and white gallery art wall

The transformed second living area has become a cherished hub for gatherings, offering a versatile space where guests can enjoy projected movies, engage in card games, or unwind with books beside the curated library.

A gallery of black and white prints serves to both soften and illuminate the room, infusing it with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Textural depth is artfully introduced through decorative cushions and plush rugs, enriching the space's tactile experience.

Central to this area, the coffee table, crafted from recycled timber, introduces an industrial farmhouse charm that resonates with our clients' tastes and desires.

Farmhouse style bedroom
Bedroom with green accents

There are common elements in all the bedrooms, but the different colours and textures in the furnishings give each bedroom another character.

Modern Farmhouse styled bedroom with black cushions and tan leather bedhead
tan leather bedhead

"Silvia is incredibly talented and the result for us was beyond our dreams. Her vision for each space, the elements she drew together and her use of colour, enhanced all aspects of our home. She has created spaces that are earthy, warm and inviting, yet chic and refined. We are extremely grateful to Silvia for her vision, creativity and execution."

—  Natalie G. Bingie, NSW

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