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Niche above bath in bathroom renovation South Coogee



Elegant Curves and Practical Design : A Bathroom transformation in South Coogee

In this project  located in South Coogee, we transformed an old, tired bathroom into a modern and practical space. The original bathroom lacked storage and needed a complete overhaul, including a new window. However, we had to retain the same footprint due to the window location.

The renovation introduced a sleek, curved vanity with drawers, making the space more ergonomic and user-friendly. We extended the curved design to the bath, the overhead cabinet, the shower screen, and the tile motif, creating a cohesive and elegant look. The green in the tile motif was echoed in the vanity colour, adding a dynamic and interesting visual play.

To complete the transformation, we added coordinating accessories, including towels and plants, and installed a luxurious rain shower. The curves and the in-wall cistern further enhanced the look, elevating the bathroom to a stylish and functional retreat.

Attention to detail was key in this renovation. We carefully selected materials that not only matched the design aesthetic but also provided durability and ease of maintenance.

Mosaic feature tile in bathroom renovation in South Coogee
Bathroom renovation with green accents in South Coogee
Custom green vanity in Renovation South Coogee
Custom green vanity in Renovation South Coogee
Recessed shaving cabinet South Coogee.jpg
Ergonomic vanity South Coogee Bathroom renovation.jpg
Bathroom design with custom vanity with round edges

Storage solutions were thoughtfully integrated into the design. A built-in niche next to the bath provides convenient storage for toiletries, while a new nib wall in the shower offers additional space for organization. These features make it easier to keep the bathroom tidy and clutter-free. The harmonious blend of form and function in this renovation has resulted in a bathroom that is not only beautiful but also perfectly suited to the needs of the homeowners.

Bathroom bath renovation in South Coogee
Niche above bath in bathroom renovation South Coogee
Mosaic tile in Bathroom renovation South Coogee.JPG

Thinking about a bathroom renovation?  Let us help you with personalised design advice and perfect materials selections.   Feel free to reach out and let's bring your dream bathroom to life together

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