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Decorating tips on choosing the right cushions for your room

  • Choose colour, pattern and texture in relation to the whole room.

When looking for cushions, take into consideration the colours and style of the whole room before making decisions. For example, if you want to make a statement and obtain a vibrant look, you may want to choose cushions with contrasting colours to the sofa or/and add a cushion with an interesting pattern that draws attention but still relates to other elements in the room such as in the example below.

The cushions used here contrasts with the sofa but picks up the colours in the art on the wall unifying the space.

For a monochromatic, soft and calm scheme you can pick colours from items that already exist in the room and bring interest with tonal variations of colour, pattern and textures.

  • Consider the number of cushions to be used and their size

The cushions need to be in proportion with the sofa or chair. The standard square sizes are 55, 50cm or 45 cm and rectangular 55 x 35. If the sofa is small, you may want to use just two cushions on one end like in the image below. Cushions don’t have to be the same size, combine a larger cushion and a slightly smaller one or a square cushion with a rectangular one in front.

An even number of cushions lends to a more formal look and an uneven number in various shapes and sizes; delivers a more artful and casual feel.

On a large sofa, you can introduce many cushions in different sizes, shapes, patterns and textures depending on the mood you want to achieve.

  • Cushions for a formal and more structured look

Consider creating symmetry using four large cushions arranged on either side of the sofa. Select two plain coloured cushions in either velvet or silk fabric, and pair these with two other cushions in an interesting large pattern for maximum impact. Create a unique design with custom made cushions. These can be made with trim such as fringe, braid, cord, piping and contrasting colours.

  • Create a casual and relaxed look.

Mix cushions in different colours, shapes, patterns and sizes. Use cotton, linens mixed with floral or geometric patterns of different scales. A great combination is a matched pair of square solid coloured cushions that contrast with the colour of your sofa and add two interesting quirky- patterned, oddly shaped or embellished cushions that reference either the colour of your sofa or the colour of your solid cushions like in the image below.

By Silvia Rajek Interiors

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