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Home styling tips: Beautify your rental

10 Simple ideas to decorate your rental spaces without breaking the rules

Adding your personal touch to a rental property will make it feel like your own. You can achieve a beautifully decorated home and cosy space without breaking the rules by applying the following home styling tips.

1- Add removable wallpaper- a most effective home styling tip

If your landlord doesn’t allow you to paint the walls, you can resort to covering some walls with removable wallpaper. These are easy to apply to a wall since you can peel off and reapply them. The colours and pattern options are endless, and they will add personality and transform any room.

geometric wallpaper behind chair and floor lamp

Image from The wall Sticker Company

2- Add new curtains or blinds

Window coverings such as curtains and blinds are also replaceable and can add softness and privacy to any space. The only downside is that it can be costly but worthwhile if you plan to stay at the same address for a long time.

3- Hang art that won’t damage the walls

Some landlords don’t allow tenants to drill on the walls for hanging art. However, art is an essential decorative element. Art beautifies any space and detracts the eye from imperfections; it can also create a focal point in a room and tie many decorative elements together to make a room feel cohesive and complete. You can create a wow factor by creating a gallery wall by adding a series of lightweight frames containing your favourite prints and attaching these with removable tape that won’t damage the walls.

gallery of printed art in frames

Image via Temple and Website

4- Add leaner mirrors

Adding style with a leaner mirror is a clever way to brighten up a dark room and make the space feel larger than it is. If the mirror is ornate or has an interesting shape, it adds another decoration layer to the room.

white ornate floor mirror in bedroom

Image via Silvia Rajek Interiors

5- Buy furniture with extra storage

If your rental place doesn’t provide sufficient storage, many solutions fix this problem. Consider investing in versatile furniture with double function. For example, some beds are available with accessible storage cavities under the mattress, or some even have drawers built into the bed base. The same applies to sofas and ottomans; many are available with hidden storage space underneath the seats.

upholstered bed with storage

Image via King living

6- Add rugs to match your décor

Rugs are a great way to decorate; you can introduce colour and define different zones in an open space. Rugs can take away the attention from an old-fashioned floor tile and disguise old worn-out carpet in living areas, bedrooms and hallways.

shelves with white vases and plant

Decoration by Silvia Rajek Interiors

7- Update the lighting

Another factor to consider is good lighting. Lighting is crucial for the way a space feels and functions. If the light fittings are outdated and the light is poor, consider changing the light fittings to a more modern or decorative style. Create an inviting ambience by adding table lamps and floor lamps.

8- Bring the outdoors inside

Add plants in beautiful pots, large and small and place them on coffee tables or shelves.

plan and book on shelf

An oversized pot with a lush plant will cheer up any room and add a homely feel. If you struggle to keep plants alive, you can opt for realistic artificial plants.

pot plant on wooden dining table

Styling by Silvia Rajek Interiors

9- Replace old hardware

Changing cabinet pulls, handles, and doorknobs are easy to do and will instantly modernise and add a bit of bling to any room.

10- Decorate with beautiful soft furnishings

Accessories can make a significant impact in a room. Create coziness by updating your bedding and style all areas with beautiful textured or patterned cushions and throw blankets.

blue cushions and fur throw on sofa

Styling by Silvia Rajek Interiors

If you need help with decorating and styling your home, don't hesitate to contact us


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