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Materials and finishes service Sydney


The choice of materials and finishes is crucial, marking the distinction between an ordinary home and one that exudes exclusivity, uniqueness, and charm

At Silvia Rajek Interiors, our personalized Materials, Finishes, and Fixtures Selection service is tailored for clients embarking on renovations or building their dream homes. We understand that a cohesive design is crucial for creating a space that feels harmonious and reflects your unique style.

Why our Service is ideal for Renovations and New Builds

  • Holistic Approach: We consider the entire project as a unified whole, ensuring consistency and flow throughout your home.

  • Extensive Sourcing: We provide diverse options for every aspect, from joinery and flooring to paint colors, benchtops, windows, gutters, paving, and more.

  • Seamless Integration: Our meticulous consideration of every detail guarantees a visually appealing and cohesive home design.

  • Floor covering,

  • joinery

  • benchtops

  • wall finishes

  • Cladding

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