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A renovated holiday home was styled and decorated to welcome many of its guests.

Amidst jaw-dropping landscapes and wildlife, this architecturally designed home has finally come to life, fulfilling the client brief to create a modern farmhouse feel.

Our client had bought most big-ticket items such as dining table, chairs and sofas. We came in to add the missing pieces and pull the whole décor together to create a welcoming and cohesive environment.

Photography by Etchd Photography

living room design with black leather lounges.jpg
living room with black leather sofa.jpg

We injected colour in the main living room by adding art, cushions, plants and decorative accessories.

The rug adds another layer that lightens up the space by contrasting with the dark colours of the floor and wall cladding.

Earthy cushions on black leather sofa.jpg
Farmhouse chic dining room.jpg
timber dining table with tan leather chairs.jpg
Black and white gallery art wall.jpg
Farmhouse style bedroom.jpg
Bedroom with green accents.jpg

There are common elements in all the bedrooms, but the different colours and textures in the furnishings give each bedroom another character.

Modern Farmhouse styled bedroom with black cushions and tan leather bedhead.jpg
tan leather bedhead.jpg